read our journey from a college magazine to an art shop sparking change with posters & affirmations.


Our Story

What We Do

We sell posters, stickers and other home-decor related products that carry positive affirmations intended to motivate, uplift and support you.

Our Why and New Mission

We believe it's important for us to affirm ourselves in a society that may not do so often. As women, people of color and members of the LGBT community, we understand that racism, sexism, classism, homophobia and transphobia affect real lives everyday. As we actively fight systems of oppression, we must also take time to tend and care for ourselves; mentally, physically and spiritually. Our posters affirm the greatness that is already within us, challenging us to love, believe and trust ourselves. They also remind us that affirmation and acceptance must start from within. We can not rely on external validation to affirm our uniqueness, beauty, path or purpose in life.

Our homes, now more than ever, are places where we spend most of our time growing and transforming into ourselves. Our goal is to uplift you and help you uplift yourself by offering powerful affirmative posters for your home, work and personal spaces. You can read them out loud or in your head, but as you see and take these words in, we hope they consciously & subconsciously transform the way you think, feel and talk about yourself. Words are powerful. We have to speak out loud and truly believe in what we want to manifest.


PHAZE Magazine - September 2017

PHAZE SHOP began as PHAZE Magazine on American University's campus in September 2017. Created by Neah Gray, PHAZE Magazine highlighted rising artists in music and art through our print and online magazine. Our all-women team of 12 members helped to conduct interviews, write frequent articles, direct photoshoots and host radio shows from 2017 to early 2019, covering dozens of underground artists, especially those in the Washington, DC area. Above is the cover of our first print magazine. PHAZE Magazine took a hiatus in mid-2019, and we officially stopped operating as a magazine in August 2020. 


PHAZE SHOP - November 2020

We chose to pivot from a magazine to an art shop for several reasons, but none that takes away from who we are at the core. We are no longer a magazine, but we most certainly still love and stand by the power of print. Instead of a print magazine, print posters are now our main highlight. We will continue to shine light on those doing exceptional and positive work within their community, although this lens won't be specific to rising artists in music and art. Going forward, we intend to expand our product line to other home-decor related products, and introduce our posters on a public scale. This time around, we're committed to giving back and contributing to our community in a meaningful way. We've been moving towards a transition for a year and felt it was time for PHAZE to have a stronger voice, and use it to bring joy, positivity, self-confidence and faith during a time of challenging unknowns.

PHAZE SHOP is based in NYC. 

CEO & Founder

Neah Gray is the founder and current CEO of PHAZE. She is a multidisciplinary creative with a B.A. in Film & Media Arts. She specializes in creative direction, photography, graphic design, production and video. She is a NYC native.